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What the Global Unification Movement Can Do!

With access through the Internet to the world of ideas, as well as global markets, even the remotest village or hamlet can now look forward, on the one hand, to becoming relatively independent and, on the other hand, to being interdependently well connected. Access to many modern tools of communication, education and connection creates a way for us to share and learn from each other across boundaries that once were insurmountable.

With growing economic and ecological security, matters of public health will certainly improve as well. Insufficient food makes us increasingly susceptible to disease. Much illness in our most desperate communities is the direct result of malnutrition and the lack of clean water. Additionally, extreme poverty leads to conditions where even the simplest preventative measures are unaffordable and expensive treatments are beyond reach.

ICAN support a creative and vibrant type of networking and outreach that taps into the exciting fields of green energy, organics, and sustainable development. To grow green, grow independent, grow sustainable, grow innovative solutions to contemporary and persistent problems is ICAN’s hope for all. We offer tools and resources that make it easier for communities around the world to find sustainability education in the section of our resources page devoted to sustainable solutions to fight the growing threat of climate change.



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