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ICAN Proposal for a Global Unification Movement

We believe that the technologies of the internet, the wisdom of solar energy, the creativity of experimental builders and the knowledge of sustainable agriculturalists can change the course of human life on this planet.

We call for a new approach to the question of poverty. Certainly there is an immediate need in many circumstances for direct material assistance—food and clothing and some building supplies and educational supplies, but the longer term goal has to be the development of sustainable housing and agricultural skills along with viable new industries that encourage long-term economic security and compassionate membership in the global community.

Our true wealth—sustainable wealth—is in the energy of the Sun and the fertility of the Earth. The Sun shines without our help but the Earth must be nourished to maintain its fertility. We must reverse the trend of taking out more lasting fertility than we put back.

We have the tools, expertise and growing collective willpower today to end poverty, resolve our environmental challenges, and transform our world culture to one that satisfies everyone’s basic needs including education and internet access. So why don’t we?

Tremendously creative work has been accomplished over recent years by forward thinking people around the globe. We have learned to build homes that consume no energy and to live off the land in ways that actually enrich rather than deplete our valuable, natural resources.

We spread the word about organizations that do great work in the fields of sustainability and highlight Jr. high/ high school gardens and environmental clubs that have registered with the Global Unification Movement. Bringing the wealth of knowledge gained in the fields of sustainable agriculture, architecture, and energy by these hard working NGOs and scientists to the leaders of tomorrow’s world makes sense to us. We feel that if we are to combat the devastating effects of climate change globally, young people the world over must educate themselves and the people closest to them, be active in promoting and performing sustainable actions in their communities, and organizing with their peers to build through innovation and communication a brighter tomorrow.

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