ICAN is dedicated to fostering climate change and sustainability education in youth groups and school campus gardens. We urge you to join us in this process by first registering your school environmental activism club or garden with our Global Unification Movement: REGISTER HERE!

The International Children’s Awareness Network is building an emerging network of young people that want to change the world for the better: better in their schools, better in their communities and better by organizing globally with like-minded school groups and gardens. The greatest threat facing our time–the negative effects climate change–demands a direct connection between young people worldwide, the start of a progressive dialogue between young people of different nations, cultures, and economic backgrounds. ICAN hopes to inspire young people the world over to find each other and join the Global Unification Movement by first educating themselves about climate and sustainability science, then by sharing that knowledge with their younger siblings and family, communities, and schools. We hope schools worldwide can grow together as they help to shape the future of this planet and all life that lives on it.

Through the technological wonders of computers, the world has become a much smaller place. By way of the internet we now have instant communications and the opportunity to build and maintain friendships worldwide. This brings us to a new threshold in the global exchange of ideas and information. The wealth of information available on the internet now can be a great equalizer, bringing a digital age education to every corner of the Earth. As a registered school garden or club you will be able to share with other young people globally by uploading climate science educational resources, research organizations, informative videos and even ideas for climate science education projects, lectures and lessons, and news clips about your school club or garden. All uploaded material is available on the RESOURCES Page— ICAN’s user database devoted to climate science education, environmental activism, and sustainable solutions.

ICAN sees education as a birthright and understands that shared knowledge enriches us all. This is, in fact, the project that we started our organization with in 2008 when our founder, Richard Ogulnick set out to supply a fully functioning, internet connected computer room to the St. Theresa School in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We encourage and tirelessly defend the free exchange of ideas as a human right. We want you, the young people of the world, to start this Global Unification Movement together to educate one another about climate change, brainstorm on our Facebook Discussion Group to find sustainable solutions, and organize to influence world leaders to enact climate change legislation as the world leaders of tomorrow.



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