ICAN Global Declaration of Responsibility

This is the Declaration of Responsibility that started ICAN in 2008. Although the mission has changed, our commitment to a world where every child has access to nourishment for both their bodies and their minds has not. Our new focus is on climate science education, sustainable solutions, and organizing youth to lead the way as the climate change activists of tomorrow by registering their environmental science clubs and school gardens with the Global Unification Movement (G.U.M.)–ICAN’s new central campaign.

As an Active Member of the World Community, I Declare:


Every child should have access to clean water, nutritious food, sustainable shelter, and a digital age education.

Education as a birthright. Shared knowledge enriches us all.

I will develop international solidarity, sharing partnerships, and new perspectives within the Human Family.

I am an enthusiastic member of the Global Unification Movement!

Signed, _________________________________





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