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Scott Pruitt denies CO2 is a primary contributor to climate change, a view at odds with NOAA, NASA and science https://t.co/GNyyEYVCRy

Trump budget would kill Sea Grant funds, end Great Lakes coastal research https://t.co/Y6S1wyR6R5 via @usatoday

Sea ice loss poses serious threats to Arctic species incl. seals, fish, wolves, foxes & polar bears. https://t.co/6prdxCCG1p via @guardian

Colony Collapse Disorder threatens bee population and U.S. agriculture https://t.co/7WqBtGDDWO

Polyester, we have a problem. The rise of fast fashion is flooding our oceans with #microfibers. https://t.co/G7tQriGzVU via @storyofstuff

Hear, hear Sir David Attenborough 👏 A powerful message to share on #WorldWildlifeDay. #Youth4Wildlife

We can’t stifle science. It’s vital to democracy https://t.co/mFhquyCjuA
#ActOnClimate #StandUpForScience

Winter is not coming. We need winter. https://t.co/PijY3NEE4v

"If we don't act to save these remarkable creatures, our world will be a less colorful & more lonesome place." 🐝 https://t.co/FOIvwXKTNM

People across the US are getting ready to show the full creativity of our movement on 4/29. What will you make? #climatemarch

“We’re doing our jobs, it’s business as usual.” @NASA defiantly continues to post about #ClimateChange https://t.co/bn1nDK4oFM

If Shell knew climate change was dire 25 years ago, why are they still drilling for oil today? https://t.co/FBnPpG5arR #ShellKnew

Breaking: Trump just made it easier for fossil fuel polluters to poison our waters. #DirtyWaterOrder: https://t.co/qZrd0DDrjG

A "solar revolution" is coming to Africa: up to 60mill Africans already using off-grid renewable electricity… https://t.co/oh4UOZaeKC

Scientists to test conservation techniques in 50 coral reefs worldwide to seek ways to counter climate change: https://t.co/ps3U68xt8B

5 Things You Can Do Today to Help Save the Environment (via @voguemagazine, @pgarcialujan) https://t.co/Eg3e4nGmVR

This magical kelp forest in Australia is “dying” due to warming waters #climatechange https://t.co/46zo6IXRxU

Nothing is free from the impact of #climatchange. Not even the deep, dark ocean https://t.co/4jas2gCThc

Tens of billions of bottles of water end up in landfills every year. Turn the tide on plastic waste: https://t.co/E3CC9oGMOE #CleanSeas

A natural gas pipeline has been leaking since at least Feb. 7, the company says it can't safely stop the flow of gas https://t.co/zsc4byoF1U

Jason Chaffetz has no response for a little girl who asked if he believes in science https://t.co/B0rVTLpGwO

Study finds connection between living near oil and gas development & childhood leukemia (@DeSmogBlog)  https://t.co/EvHc1aezTk

Together we can protect the Amazon for generations to come. Protect an acre now & @SCJohnson will match it >> https://t.co/jsA0altHwq

New study reminds us that the highest cost for climate change continues to fall on our oceans https://t.co/5NQGOcVzTR via @GuardianUS

Wow! This Danish school has installed the world’s largest solar facade: https://t.co/4lGlmhLTK3 #ClimateHope

June weather forecast for next week in the US. Temps 30-40° F above "normal". Via @EricHolthaus #climatechange

Two things not mentioned in Pruitt's address to his new staff at the @EPA: Climate change and public health. https://t.co/6MfTVbqrj3

🐝s have been important to the natural world & humans. Why are humans forcing them to the precipice of extinction? https://t.co/VUJcH68S1O

Visitors left 100M lbs of trash in natl parks in 2015. Denali is leading the way to #DontFeedTheLandfills #Denali100 https://t.co/AZ1HiNyzOK

Things are looking sunny side up! Solar energy just keeps getting more and more affordable #PutSolarOnIt #ClimateHope

Federal climate research should be maintained and expanded, says National Academy of Sciences https://t.co/ZIzXyDGjWx (via @insideclimate)

We can’t stifle science. It’s vital to democracy https://t.co/mFhquyCjuA
#ActOnClimate #StandUpForScience

South Africa’s first #climatechange lawsuit heads to court Kudos to @Earthlife_JHB https://t.co/HmszeVU8yX

#ICYMI This is what #peoplepower looks like. @HSBC promises to cut ties with forest-trashing palm oil companies https://t.co/YLaTYY2k7X

Protecting our public lands, safeguarding our air and water, and acting on climate change shouldn’t be partisan issues.

Observer organizations are crucial for #ClimateAction. Join our workshop on how to engage at @UN conference #SB46 https://t.co/ym2ft1ZAY6

A study found 6,648 #fracking-related spills in 4 states—Colorado, New Mexico, N. Dakota & Pennsylvania—in 10 years https://t.co/rrAmeB13oB

Retweet if you support America’s #CleanPowerPlan and clean energy jobs! #ClimateHope

Climate scientists face harassment, threats https://t.co/QRzq2r1egF (via @guardian)

Ocean temperatures off the charts--note especially the Gulf of Mexico, setting new records for this time of year

We need a global tipping point. This May, push your institutions to divest from fossil fuels. #FossilFree https://t.co/t37rRclcxV

The U.S. has set more than 2,800 new record high temperatures this month. This is not normal. https://t.co/1S7H094ALe #ActOnClimate

Global warming is already shrinking the Colorado River, the most important waterway in the American Southwest: https://t.co/oQtsHu95PA

#climatechange is going to affect the world’s food supply in quantity, quality, and location https://t.co/U2o789dn2M

How a Pacific Island nation changed from diesel to 100% #solar power https://t.co/2qXDuWsjxG via @NationalGeogra1 #AmericanSamoa #renewable

Just who are these 300 'scientists' telling Trump to burn the climate? | John Abraham https://t.co/uTcB7Qb69H

BREAKING: This oil rig is heading to drill in the Arctic. A group of activists are in the water to protest it https://t.co/OCCRXq8VL3

Oklahoma hits 100 ° in the dead of winter, because climate change is real

Rapid warming and disintegrating polar ice sets the stage for "societal collapse" https://t.co/Msvun4cfNp

📢As Scotland announces a new energy strategy ⚡️ “There is NO such thing as Climate Friendly #Fracking, #BanFracking”

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