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Facebook Group–Here, young people internationally will mobilize around the greatest threat facing our world today and as we collectively move forward into an uncertain future: Climate Change.
The Global Unification Movement is the central humanitarian campaign of the International Children’s Awareness Network (ICAN). ICAN’s threefold mission is to EDUCATE young people about climate science so that they might educate their families and communities; give them a platform to brainstorm with their peers about SUSTAINable solutions; and finally to ORGANIZE around climate science to influence world leaders to enact climate legislation as the world leaders of tomorrow.


Scott Pruitt denies CO2 is a primary contributor to climate change, a view at odds with NOAA, NASA and science https://t.co/GNyyEYVCRy

Trump budget would kill Sea Grant funds, end Great Lakes coastal research https://t.co/Y6S1wyR6R5 via @usatoday

Sea ice loss poses serious threats to Arctic species incl. seals, fish, wolves, foxes & polar bears. https://t.co/6prdxCCG1p via @guardian

Colony Collapse Disorder threatens bee population and U.S. agriculture https://t.co/7WqBtGDDWO

Polyester, we have a problem. The rise of fast fashion is flooding our oceans with #microfibers. https://t.co/G7tQriGzVU via @storyofstuff

Hear, hear Sir David Attenborough 👏 A powerful message to share on #WorldWildlifeDay. #Youth4Wildlife

We can’t stifle science. It’s vital to democracy https://t.co/mFhquyCjuA
#ActOnClimate #StandUpForScience

Winter is not coming. We need winter. https://t.co/PijY3NEE4v

"If we don't act to save these remarkable creatures, our world will be a less colorful & more lonesome place." 🐝 https://t.co/FOIvwXKTNM

People across the US are getting ready to show the full creativity of our movement on 4/29. What will you make? #climatemarch

“We’re doing our jobs, it’s business as usual.” @NASA defiantly continues to post about #ClimateChange https://t.co/bn1nDK4oFM

If Shell knew climate change was dire 25 years ago, why are they still drilling for oil today? https://t.co/FBnPpG5arR #ShellKnew

Breaking: Trump just made it easier for fossil fuel polluters to poison our waters. #DirtyWaterOrder: https://t.co/qZrd0DDrjG

A "solar revolution" is coming to Africa: up to 60mill Africans already using off-grid renewable electricity… https://t.co/oh4UOZaeKC

Scientists to test conservation techniques in 50 coral reefs worldwide to seek ways to counter climate change: https://t.co/ps3U68xt8B

5 Things You Can Do Today to Help Save the Environment (via @voguemagazine, @pgarcialujan) https://t.co/Eg3e4nGmVR

This magical kelp forest in Australia is “dying” due to warming waters #climatechange https://t.co/46zo6IXRxU

Nothing is free from the impact of #climatchange. Not even the deep, dark ocean https://t.co/4jas2gCThc

Tens of billions of bottles of water end up in landfills every year. Turn the tide on plastic waste: https://t.co/E3CC9oGMOE #CleanSeas

A natural gas pipeline has been leaking since at least Feb. 7, the company says it can't safely stop the flow of gas https://t.co/zsc4byoF1U

Jason Chaffetz has no response for a little girl who asked if he believes in science https://t.co/B0rVTLpGwO

Study finds connection between living near oil and gas development & childhood leukemia (@DeSmogBlog)  https://t.co/EvHc1aezTk

Together we can protect the Amazon for generations to come. Protect an acre now & @SCJohnson will match it >> https://t.co/jsA0altHwq

New study reminds us that the highest cost for climate change continues to fall on our oceans https://t.co/5NQGOcVzTR via @GuardianUS

Wow! This Danish school has installed the world’s largest solar facade: https://t.co/4lGlmhLTK3 #ClimateHope

June weather forecast for next week in the US. Temps 30-40° F above "normal". Via @EricHolthaus #climatechange

Two things not mentioned in Pruitt's address to his new staff at the @EPA: Climate change and public health. https://t.co/6MfTVbqrj3

🐝s have been important to the natural world & humans. Why are humans forcing them to the precipice of extinction? https://t.co/VUJcH68S1O

Visitors left 100M lbs of trash in natl parks in 2015. Denali is leading the way to #DontFeedTheLandfills #Denali100 https://t.co/AZ1HiNyzOK

Things are looking sunny side up! Solar energy just keeps getting more and more affordable #PutSolarOnIt #ClimateHope

Federal climate research should be maintained and expanded, says National Academy of Sciences https://t.co/ZIzXyDGjWx (via @insideclimate)

We can’t stifle science. It’s vital to democracy https://t.co/mFhquyCjuA
#ActOnClimate #StandUpForScience

South Africa’s first #climatechange lawsuit heads to court Kudos to @Earthlife_JHB https://t.co/HmszeVU8yX

#ICYMI This is what #peoplepower looks like. @HSBC promises to cut ties with forest-trashing palm oil companies https://t.co/YLaTYY2k7X

Protecting our public lands, safeguarding our air and water, and acting on climate change shouldn’t be partisan issues.

Observer organizations are crucial for #ClimateAction. Join our workshop on how to engage at @UN conference #SB46 https://t.co/ym2ft1ZAY6

A study found 6,648 #fracking-related spills in 4 states—Colorado, New Mexico, N. Dakota & Pennsylvania—in 10 years https://t.co/rrAmeB13oB

Retweet if you support America’s #CleanPowerPlan and clean energy jobs! #ClimateHope

Climate scientists face harassment, threats https://t.co/QRzq2r1egF (via @guardian)

Ocean temperatures off the charts--note especially the Gulf of Mexico, setting new records for this time of year

We need a global tipping point. This May, push your institutions to divest from fossil fuels. #FossilFree https://t.co/t37rRclcxV

The U.S. has set more than 2,800 new record high temperatures this month. This is not normal. https://t.co/1S7H094ALe #ActOnClimate

Global warming is already shrinking the Colorado River, the most important waterway in the American Southwest: https://t.co/oQtsHu95PA

#climatechange is going to affect the world’s food supply in quantity, quality, and location https://t.co/U2o789dn2M

How a Pacific Island nation changed from diesel to 100% #solar power https://t.co/2qXDuWsjxG via @NationalGeogra1 #AmericanSamoa #renewable

Just who are these 300 'scientists' telling Trump to burn the climate? | John Abraham https://t.co/uTcB7Qb69H

BREAKING: This oil rig is heading to drill in the Arctic. A group of activists are in the water to protest it https://t.co/OCCRXq8VL3

Oklahoma hits 100 ° in the dead of winter, because climate change is real

Rapid warming and disintegrating polar ice sets the stage for "societal collapse" https://t.co/Msvun4cfNp

📢As Scotland announces a new energy strategy ⚡️ “There is NO such thing as Climate Friendly #Fracking, #BanFracking”

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