Founder’s Address

Together we have the opportunity to create a movement which could transform how we relate to each other, our fellow living beings, and the Earth. The implications of this movement are nothing less than world transforming. All it involves is sharing what you know about climate change, sustainable solutions, and climate change activism with students, educators, and organizations around the world. Imagine what an intentional gathering of such a magnitude might look like— people standing strong together for sustainability, climate science education, and social good. Through simply joining in this conversation on climate change and sustainability, we can create a ripple effect which will lead us into a brighter and more hopeful future.

The potential for profound healing is ours to create. We must all work together now to overcome the obstacles we face, it’s time to become accountable, responsible for the future of our species, the myriad other species that share the Earth, and the land, air, and water we all live inseparably dependent upon.

Please join us as we launch this international conversation on climate science education, global sustainability awareness, and social networking for social good! Check out our new mission…and (if you haven’t already) register with the Global Unification Movement as a school club/garden, science educator, or climate change organization.

Richie Ogulnick
Founder, ICAN

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